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Bros. Quartet

Coming from Ireland, Spain, Italy and Portugal, the Bros Saxophone Quartet sprang from the desire of four friends to fuse their different experiences as soloists in the service of chamber music.

As refined interpreters perfectly identified with their saxophones, they set out on a musical journey whose search issues in multifarious musical places and languages.

It is sensitive virtuosismo, and meaning and emotion, which make the B.S.Q one of the most interesting and innovative ensembles on the international scene.

The fusion of their various musical experiences seemed to them to be the ideal mirror in which to seek a meeting point between emotion, instinct and personal search.

Music has helped to strengthen the friendship between these four friends, confirming once more that it is a very special art without borders and walls, because it lives through its own incredible strength and freedom.

After their premiere, at the XVII World Saxophone Congress, Strasbourg, the B.S.Q. recorded a CD for the Italian Label Stradivarius with the piece "Pagine", by Salvatore Sciarrino, highliting the participation on the Logano Music Festival (Switzerland), European Saxophone Congress (Portugal), Secily Saxophone Academy (Italy) and Milano Music Festival (Italy). 



“…Of the many hot tickets of the congress, the much-anticipated performance of Bros Quartet had the audience queuing in the corridors. The charismatic foursome of Gerard McChrystal, Antonio Felipe Belijar, Mario Marzi and João Pedro Silva presented a diverse, energetic and hugely entertaining programme, reflecting the musical background of the four players.”

in CASS (Clarinet & Sax Society) mag

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